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Office PAT Test

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

We are PAT testing a new start up company in Leith tomorrow ensuring all their office equipment is safe ahead of their new venture. After receiving three quotes for carrying out the Office PAT Testing in Edinburgh they decided to go with us ! Partly because we are local and able to visit their premises ahead of quoting unlike the national PAT testing companies who also provided quotes. As we were able to visit the location prior to quoting we were able to provide a fair price for doing the job meaning the customer had a fixed cost ahead of the work being carried out.

Mainly in an office environment you with find two classes of PAT appliances.

with regards to equipment construction.

There are a number of basic equipment constructions that are referred to in the standards for electrical equipment and in the IET Code Of Practise. They are important because they determine how the user is protected against electric shock and describe tests appropriate to apply when assessing safety.

Class 1 This is electrical equipment where protection against electric shock is achieved by: using basic insulation, and also providing a means to connect the exposed conductive parts of the electrical equipment, to the protective conductor in the fixed wiring of the installation. Class 1 equipment relies upon a satisfactory earth in the fixed electrical installation for its safety.

Class 2 This is electrical equipment where protection against electric shock is achieved by an extra layer of insulation, in addition to its basic insulation, and there is no provision for protective earthing or reliance upon installation conditions.

Class 2 equipment may be one of the following basic types. It equipment having a durable and substantially continuous electrical enclosure of insulating material which envelops all conductive parts with the exception of small parts such as name plates, screws and rivets. Such equipment is called insulation-encased Class 2.

Class 2 equipment may have a substantially continuous metal enclosure with double or reinforced insulation used throughout. Such equipment is called metal-cased Class 2 equipment. Class 2 equipment should be identified with the Class 2 construction mark, however this mark is NOT mandatory

The class to mark is shown with a box within a box.

If you require Office PAT testing in Edinburgh contact Lothian PAT Testing Scotland on 07570 080429 or email us on for an affordable PAT testing quote in Edinburgh or the Lothians.

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