Legionella Risk Assessment

Landlords of residential accommodation have responsibilities for combating Legionnaires' Disease within their property. Health and safety legislation requires that landlords carry out risk assessments for the Legionella bacteria which cause Legionnaires' Disease and thereafter maintain control measures to minimise the risk. Most rented premises will be low risk but it is important that risk assessments are carried out and control measures are introduced.

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Scot.Gov state on their website that all landlords need to "make sure you've carried out a Legionella Risk Assessment'.

We can attend your property and do this for you at an affordable price. Or can offer a combined landlord legionella risk assessment and PAT test Certificate at your property for only £80!

Legionella Risk Assessment Only £50  (VAT Free)

Legionella and PAT Testing   Only £80  (VAT Free)

   Certificates supplied same day in PDF format

Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment  Covering Edinburgh, West Lothian and beyond


Temperatures are taken from all hot and cold outlets. Ensuring cold outlets are under 20°C and hot outlets are above 50°C. All outlets need to be free running and have an acceptable level of cleanliness. If water tanks are present these are also examined whilst on site. 

Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment West lothian

We offer a combined PAT Test and Legionella Risk Assessment in Edinburgh, Lothians and central Scotland in one easy cost effective appointment. It is a legal requirement for landlords or the person who is responsible for the water system at the property to provide a Legionella Risk Assessment. If you require a Legionella Risk Assessment based in Edinburgh,Lothians or central Scotland you can benefit from our affordable local pricing as displayed above.


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Legionella Risk Assessment
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We can also arrange these additional landlord certificates to be carried out for Edinburgh & Lothians customers

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