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Legionella Risk Assessment Edinburgh £50 Add PAT Certificate £30

Updated: Feb 5

We have carried out more Legionella Risk Assessments & PAT Testing for landlord properties in Stockbridge, Edinburgh. Once completed risk assessment and PAT certificate are emailed over to the customer in PDF format. Most customers can't believe we are offering both services for only £80. They tell us this is often half the cost of their letting agent for the same service and are so happy they found us ! All reports and certificates can be issued in electronic format or for the old school landlords a hard copy can be issued instead.

We have pasted some information regarding legionella below which you may find useful going forward. Remember we supply professional landlord legionella risk assessments in Edinburgh and the Lothians that are accepted by all letting agents and councils if you need us to perform the Legionella Risk Assessment for you.

How is Legionella spread?

The most common way people get legionnaires disease is through inhaling very fine water droplets, also referred to as aerosol, from contaminated water systems. Most people don't know that Legionella actually cannot be caught by drinking tap water !

What are the symptoms of Legionnaires Disease?

The incubation period for Legionnaires Disease is between 2 and 10 days. Symptoms can present themselves as similar to that of flu and pneumonia so early detection is imperative. Common symptoms include: • High fever • Chills • Headache • Muscles pains • Dry cough • Difficulty breathing.

Who is most at risk?

Anyone who comes into contact with Legionella bacteria is at risk of contracting the disease, however there are groups who are classified as high risk groups. People over 45 years old. Smokers and heavy drinkers are at risk and people suffering from chronic respiratory or kidney disease and people with weak immune systems.

Scottish Water have a great fact sheet containing a lot of this essential legionella risk assessment information which you can find following the below link

We have also pasted a link below to the Scottish Government website which states Scottish landlords (make sure you've carried out a Legionella Risk Assessment)

Once you have clicked the above link who will see the heading Legionella Risk Assessment. If you click this on the website it will take you to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) website which provides lots of landlord legionella risk assessment information regarding what legionella actually is. The law regarding prevention measures and what you must do. This information can also be accessed directly by following the below link.

The LRA (Residential Landlords Association) have an interesting article on their website titled Guidance on Legionnaires Disease For Landlords. We have pasted a link to this information regarding legionella risk assessments below.

Reviewing the legionella risk assessment if the risk assessment suggests there is no risk present or the risks are small ? If this is the case then no further action will be required at this stage and existing controls must be maintained. This is not the end of the process though as the legionella risk assessment should be reviewed regularly and specifically when there is reason to suspect it is no longer current. We suggest to our customers that they review their legionella risk assessment every two years unless something is highlighted to them within those time scales.

Has there been many legionella outbreaks ?

Legionnaires Disease was brought to most of our attention (us old enough to remember) back in 1976 when it got into the air conditioning cooling towers of a hotel in Philadelphia, United States and killed 29 people mainly American Legion army veterans attending a gathering there. In total there were 182 people who became sick therefore it has the potential to have devastating outcomes.

Edinburgh worse legionella outbreak in Scotland:

Various reports indicate there were between 56 & 92 confirmed cases in the south-west of Edinburgh in the summer of 2012, in what was Scotland’s worst Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in more than a decade. There were 4 people that actually died from the legionella bacteria. There were also people left with scarred lungs as a result of pneumonia like symptoms caused by the Legionella bacteria. Therefore for people living or working in Edinburgh or anywhere else in Scotland it is vital we have legionella risk assessments carried out regularly.

National Landlords Association also have an interesting article regarding legionella risk assessments. The title is called How to protect your tenants and your property from Legionnaires’ Disease which can be seen by clink on the link below :

Now that you have read all the information regarding legionella and the legionella risk assessment process. Why not get in contact with us, Lothian PAT Testing Scotland as we can provide a really cost effective legionella risk assessment in Edinburgh and Lothians for only £50

We are Legionella Risk Assessment approved risk assessors and our legionella risk assessments are comprehensive and compliant for landlords of rental properties.

Need a landlord legionella risk assessment contact us today on Tel : 07570 080429 or email to make your booking !

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