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Legionella Risk Assessment Edinburgh. Worse Tank So Far !

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Found this rusty old cold water tank in a landlords property this month supplying cold water to the main bathroom where tenants use the water to brush their teeth and wash! It's not very often that we come across these large metal cold water tanks however they are definitely still out there ! This tank has the potential to burst or split at anytime causing a mass of water to flow from the loft and through the ceiling. Obviously this could cause major damage to the property which in itself is reason enough to replace the tank not to mention the quality of the water being stored in this rusty old storage tank. We have recommend that the landlord replaces this asap for a new modern plastic type storage tank or have it completely removed. On the plus side this tank did have a lid fitted albeit not very tight fitting and in the style of a bit home made wood effect. It also benefited from insulation however the condition of the tank let it all down badly. This is why domestic legionella risk assessments are a must for landlords letting their properties to tenants. As they deserve to know the condition of the water being fed to their water outlets. As often they are too old or don't even have a ladder to access the loft to check for themselves.

Contact 07570 080429 or email to book your legionella risk assessment in Edinburgh.

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