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Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Found exposed wire in a Landlord appliance whilst carrying out a PAT test in Edinburgh this week. This could have given the tenant a nasty shock if they continued to use the appliance unnoticed. This is why it is essential landlords in Edinburgh get a PAT test carried out every year. Not only is it required by law to ensure that your property and appliances are electrically safe it is also about looking after your tenants safety. We supply a Landlord PAT Certificate in Edinburgh for only £40 (Vat Free) therefore there is no reason not to have one done in your property every year. Most of our faults are found when carrying out our visual inspections. Damages such as outer casings of 4 or 6 way extension leads are damaged all the time as these are often on the ground getting stood on or trapped under heavy appliances. Also iron cables are a big one as the landlord / tenant normally don't notice it until someone gets a nasty shock or highlighted by the PAT tester when performing the landlord pat test. Another big one we find when providing PAT testing in a landlord property is appliances having the wrong fuse. Often bedside lamps which mostly should have a 3amp fuse in them instead have a 13 amp fuse fitted. As when the plug fuse blows they just automatically replace it with a 13amp fuse which is way too high for an appliance like a standard bedside lamp therefore not offering the appliance lead the proper protection.

What will you recieve With Your PAT Test In Edinburgh?

After the portable appliance inspection and testing has been carried out you will receive a report that details the following things :

A PAT log containing each appliance type, name, location, description and a full set of electric PAT test results for each appliance. You will also receive a list of any failed appliances with an explanation of why they have failed. A visible pass or fail label will be applied to each appliance detailing the inspection date, appliance ID number and the PAT engineers initials. In addition to this our PAT test labels also have our contact details on them incase you need to contact us in the future.

If you are not technically minded and the information in the report needs further clarification, then we are always happy to talk you through your report and advise you of any further action that may be required.

If you are a landlord in Scotland looking for additional advice you may find it useful to visit

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