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Landlord PAT Certificate Edinburgh

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

Lothian PAT Testing Scotland have been issuing more landlord PAT certificates this week in Edinburgh. We can provide a PAT certificate to any Landlord's property in Edinburgh for the fixed price of £40 (No VAT). If taken out with a Landlord Legionella Risk Assessment you will get both for only £70 (No VAT). What you recieve is a Professional electronic PAT certificate. We also supply Legionella Risk Assessments for Landlord / domestic properties.

We carry out insulation tests for all class two appliances and earth continuity and insulation test for all class 1 appliances. In addition to this any extension and IEC leads (Kettle leads) receive a polarity test. The equipment we use to carry out our landlord PAT test is the Martindale Handy PAT HPAT600 which is a great lightweight handheld PAT tester. I have listed the specification / details below :

HPAT600 delivery contents include an extension lead adaptor, an earth bond probe with clip, a mains charger, 6xAA rechargeable batteries and a "test & GO" carry case with separate pocket for accessories. In addition, the HPAT600 also includes an in-car charger and a handy null pin keyfob.

A comprehensive range of optional adaptor leads are available enabling 110V appliance testing and testing of equipment terminated with 3 phase plugs.

Easy to use automatic and manual testingDisplays measured values with clear PASS/FAIL indicationClass I, Class II & power lead testsI.T. safe 200mA DC earth bond test with two pass levels250V insulation test option for surge protected devices & sensitive IT equipmentTest both 240V and 110V appliancesRechargeable with both mains and in-car chargers includedMemory with on-screen recall for 200 sets of results

If you want to see this piece of equipment take a look on the Martindale website by following this link

We also carefully check each fuse in Landlord appliance plugs and make sure there is no heat damage present and checking that it is the correct size fuse for the appliance. Giving the tenant and landlord peace of mind that the properties appliances are safe at the point of the tests being carried.

A professional PAT Certificate is provided at the end of the test which shows all the results, the engineers name who carried out the tests and the date the Landlord PAT test was carried out. We guarantee to beat any like for like quote for these crucial landlord service so why not give us a call today on 07570 080429.

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