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Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Whilst PAT testing in Edinburgh this week we found various appliances with visual damage. A melted plug being the most serious this week ! The plug was red hot to touch and the 4 way adapter which it was plugged in to had melted from the heat of the plug. If PAT testing was not carried out would this have been noticed in time before potentially catching fire ?

In most causes the claims that you are breaking the law by not performing PAT testing are simply not true however the law does require that businesses ensure that all electrical equipment that they provide in their business are safe and properly maintained.

This does not need to be carried out by a PAT testing company, however with most businesses main focus being generating income for their own business the thought of having to carry out things like PAT testing is often an inconvenience. Therefore we would recommend contacting three PAT testing companies in Edinburgh for pricing as well as looking at reviews for their business and go with the one which scores highest on both. Thankfully our business has 5 star reviews and really competitive pricing therefore you don't need to look far !

If you have a business in Edinburgh or the Lothians we would recommend regular PAT Testing for the safety of your staff or customers. We offer really affordable PAT testing in Edinburgh and the Lothians therefore its a no brainer that you PAT test your premises with us.

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