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PAT Testing For Edinburgh Landlords

Updated: Apr 12, 2019

We have been providing PAT testing services to Edinburgh landlords this week. We believe we offer a reliable low cost service to landlords in Edinburgh that is why so many landlords are choosing to get their properties PAT tested with us !

The main thing that is carried out whilst in your property is the appliance visual inspection. This is where 70% of all faults are highlighted to us, damaged plugs, damaged wire, exposed wire, heat damage / scald marks, broken switched and casing.

All of the above are the visual things that our engineer is looking for. Once an appliance has been visually inspected and we are 100% sure there are no damages it can be made available for electrical testing. The electrical testing will not proceed if any visual damage has been discovered by the PAT testing engineer. It will be labelled with a fail sticker and the owner notified to remove it from operation.

When we are ready to carry the electrical test there are two tests which need to be carried out if testing a class one appliance. Class one appliances in landlord properties are normally cooker, toaster, fridge freezer, washing machine, kettle etc. The two tests are Earth Continuity and Insulation. Earth Continuity will determine whether the Earth connection from plug to appliance still has its full integrity. Insulation test will run specific volts into the appliance measuring whether the insulation provided is acceptable. In addition to this any extension leads in the property would benefit from a polarity test as well as the previous two tests.

If you require appliances in your property PAT tested get in contact with Lothian PAT Testing Scotland today on 07570 080429.

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